Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Workout Roundup

This week has, again, been quite the bummer in workouts.  My schedule for the week was:

Stretch & strengthen

Did not Complete
4.5 m run

Did not Complete
3 m run or cross

 Did not Complete
4.5 m run + strength

Did not Complete

4 hours walking the Zoo
50 min cross

GDC 5k
(2 hours)
8 m run 

Strength Training

Very little of that was done.

Literally. I spent the week getting the kids caught up on school work and preparing for, what I thought, was my husband coming home for good this weekend.  That turned out to not work out how I planned and my husband came home Thursday night.  His company decided to give him a 3 day weekend if he would agree to stay one more week on the job.

Monday and Tuesday: We did schoolwork and I got some cleaning and organizing done around the house. 

Wednesday: We went to story time and an Easter egg hunt at the library and then a playdate with some other families.

Thursday: Cleaning and school again.  Then I went with my sisters to the Tyler Farr/Josh Thompson/ Rodney Atkins concert.

Friday: I spent 4 hours walking around the zoo with the family for their Eggs, Paws, and Claws Easter event. I think the Kiddos had fun.

Saturday: I ran the Gallipolis Developmental Center's 5K.  I got a time of 29:23 (PR but just barely!) which put me 1st in my age division, 6/43 females and 24/86 overall.  Then that night we went to the skating rink where I spent almost my whole childhood and skated for around 2 hours.  I spent some time carrying my little one around and I can tell you that my legs are SORE today.

Sunday: I am about to do my strength training today.  I wanted to do my long run but the rain is bad and since most of my weekly runs are on the treadmill, I like to get my long runs in outside.  I am going to get outside and run tomorrow and hopefully Thursday and again Sunday this week.

 My goal now is to not miss any workouts left in my training so we shall see how that goes!

Happy Running!


  1. Congrats on the PR and placing 1st! I haven't skated in forever. What fun :)

    1. Thanks! It had been since last March at my son's birthday for me but my parents literally had me on skates when I was walking at 10 months! I love going sometimes. Thankfully, it's like riding a bike or I would have been in trouble!