Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Workout Roundup

I'm going to link up with Meghan at Little Girl in the Big World for the Weekly Workout Roundup!

This week was a bit of a bummer in regards to my workouts...again!  I am in grad school (only 4 weeks left, thankfully!) and I had 2 big papers due this week and I had gotten a bit behind on work so it took me a couple days to catch up. Add on to schoolwork the fact that I can't do my weekday runs until after the kids are asleep at night it can make for some late nights!

This is what my schedule looked like this week:

Stretch & strengthen
4 m run
2 m run or cross

4 mile run
4 m run + strength

4 mile run
Rest or easy run

5-K Race

Bobcat Hustle
6-7 mile run
Planned strength:

50 each:
20 burpees
15 minutes with the weighted hula hoops 
2 minute plank

Monday and Tuesday were wasted on the couch writing papers =(

Wednesday and Thursday were treadmill runs.  I felt REALLY good on my Wednesday run.  I set it on a fairly slow speed, popped Harry Potter and the DH part 1 in my laptop and watched while I ran.  It seemed like I was done before I knew it.  Thursday was a different story.  Same movie, same speed, and it drug.  I finished though and that's what counted.

Saturday I ran my first 5k ever! It was so much fun and I am going to do a race recap but I came in 45/117 with my time of 29:26.5.  I placed 16/69 of females and ended up with 1st in my age division!

And that brings us to tonight, Sunday. I had every intention of getting in a long run this weekend even though it wasn't scheduled but I don't think that is going to happen. The kiddos had some nasty attitudes today because they were tired so I had them take a nap which in turn means a later bedtime and possibly some fighting sleep.  All of that is not a good combination for a late night run. Instead I am going to do some strength tonight which is normally my Monday and do a long run tomorrow night. I feel that I am catching the kiddos cold that I have managed to stave off the last 2 weeks so those 7 miles should be fun tomorrow =).

Happy Running!


  1. Congrats on your 5k! That's a great time for your first. And isn't it amazing how our bodies can made the exact same workout feel so different on different days? Nice job pushing through.

    1. Thanks! I was pretty happy with my time as it was my fastest 5k distance yet. I have another 5k next Saturday so I am hoping to beat that time, if possible!