Thursday, March 7, 2013

One of THOSE weeks...

This has been one of those weeks.  I am sure you know the ones.  Where nothing is seeming to go right and you're crabby, and nothing can make you happy?  I have had one of those.  It has been terrible on my sleep schedule which in turn has been bad on my workout schedule.  This is what my schedule should look like this week:

Stretch & strengthen

50 each:
3.5 m run

2 m run or cross

3.5 m run + strength
40 min cross
5 m run

I am pretty embarrassed to say that I have done... ummm. one of those so far?!  I did my stretch and strengthen on Monday with a circuit of 10 pushups, situps, and squats 5 times.  The next two days I felt VERY blah and didn't end up doing anything those nights.  I suppose if I don't get myself in gear tonight that 3.5 miles won't be happening either!

I told The Husband about my lack of motivation and progress this week tonight on FaceTime and he did a great job of trying to get me motivated and reminding me what I am working toward.  I should run tomorrow but I am glad that it is a scheduled rest day because Wyldman has his 5th birthday party on Saturday and Friday is going to be spent with last minute party prep.  I plan to do my 40 min cross on the evening after the birthday party and then a 5 mile run again Sunday. It is supposed to be great weather and The Husband is planning to run with me but cutting the route a tad shorter.

Run Like a Girl

Another reminder about the Run Like a Girl- Be Strong race that Dawn is doing to support the Girls on the Run in NE Tennessee.  There are awesome giveaways as well as great bling to go with the series and it supports a great cause!  Please go check out the race HERE or go straight to sign-up HERE.

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