Monday, February 25, 2013

I actually WON something.. and more!

I have never been a "winner" in the sense of random drawings.  I can count on probably one hand how many times I have won something like this BUT I actually won something in the Grandma Lill's Virtual Race!  I was surprised to actually see my name on the list.  I ended up winning some Energybits which is very exciting considering that I have been wanting to get ready for my longer runs on the training schedule so I don't end up trying something brand new on race day.  So, thanks, Rachelle, for the great opportunity!

On to this weeks schedule.  I just moved into week 3 of the Hal Higdon program I am using but last time I posted I hadn't done my long run for the week.  On Saturday, I ran my 4 miles in town on the same route I used before.

This time I finished a tad faster (42:54) vs my first time of 44:11.  Not much of an improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.  I was just happy to make it up the first big hill! I have done so much of my running at the beginning this time on the treadmill that I am not used to the hills or breathing outside anymore. I will get there, though.

My week 3 schedule looks like this:

Stretch & strengthen
3.5 m run
2 m run or cross
3.5 m run + strength
40 min cross
5 m run

That 5 mile run is looming over my head because it will be the longest run I have ever done.  At this point I have never done more than 4 miles.  I suppose I am going to get that impression a lot over the coming months, weeks, years in this running journey!

Tonight, if my kids ever go to sleep, I am going to do a strength circuit I found on pinterest and then heading to bed myself.  Tomorrow's run will be on the treadmill most likely but it is looking like The Husband is going to be home this weekend, possibly for an extended period (or at least for us.. around a month), and I should be able to get most, if not all, of my runs outside for that time!!

Tomorrow I am going to try to post about a great virtual race series my friend Dawn is going to be hosting to raise money for Girls on the Run!

Happy Running!