Friday, February 22, 2013

The Schedule so Far...

Today was my rest day on week 2 of training for the Flying Pig.  The more I think about it the more nervous I get!

I had a small 2 mile run (22:03) on the schedule Wednesday that I completed on the treadmill.  I am trying to get at least 2 of my runs outside right now but since The Husband is out of town working, and only home about every other weekend, it makes it difficult when there are 2 small children that need somewhere to stay while I'm out.  Because of that, I ended up on the treadmill last night for my 3 miles.  I came in at 34:15 which obviously stinks but after so long not running or working out in any manner I am decently happy with it for now.  It will improve, I'm sure.  Hopefully before the first 5k I am planning to run.

On to the races I have scheduled so far this year.  I am crazy excited to run in my first race but living in a small town it has been VERY difficult to find local races and for the reasons in the paragraph above, traveling too far isn't really an option!

As of now I have:


23: Bobcat Hustle - Ironton
30:  Gallipolis Developmental Center 5k and Pig Out- Gallipolis


5: The Flying Pig Half Marathon - Cincinnati
25: Run For Your Lives - Logan


29: The Biggest Loser 10k-  Charleston

These are all the ones that I have registered and paid for.  I am hoping to run about 2 races a month but I am waiting on some local ones to be advertised.  They are annual races but I have yet to see anything about them yet.

On another happy note: the Husband is home so it means I can get my long run in outside as long as I do it Saturday this week rather than Sunday!

Happy running!

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