Monday, May 20, 2013

Reebok Spartan Race! (It's a GIVEAWAY!)

So, The Husband and I are venturing into the world of mud running for the first time this weekend.  We are really excited to get muddy and try out some obstacles.  However, it's not the Spartan Race, and this thing looks AWESOME! What a better way to test your limits than the race that was rated the #1 obstacle race by Outdoor magazine??

This series looks TOUGH.  They have 4 different levels: The Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, Spartan Beast, and the Spartan Death Race (Sounds intimidating, huh?).  It should, this is their description from their FAQ page.

"What's the difference between Spartan Sprint, Super, Beast, and Death Races?

There are some staples in our repertoire. There are also some venue specific and terrain inspired obstacles.
We will not, however, spell it out for you. As well, you will get no course map to inspect. There is fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth.
There WILL be obstacles to catch you off guard. Curve balls, so to speak.
Get over it.
We’re here to rip you from your comfort zone. If you need a road map for each step of the way, then maybe this race isn’t for you." 
 Basically it boils down to:
Spartan SprintWhat is a Spartan Sprint? 3+ MILES / 15+ OBSTACLES
Super SpartanWhat is a Super Spartan? 8+ MILES / 20+ OBSTACLES
Spartan BeastWhat is The Spartan Beast? 12+ MILES / 25+ OBSTACLES
The Death RaceWhat the #$%! is The Death Race?

 Their mission is also one that I am on board with!

"Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life. Our events are all about challenging today’s perception of normal."
Think that you have what it takes to push your boundaries and be a Spartan? I think you do! And what better way to celebrate that super strength than with a free entry to a Spartan race near you! Enter below in the rafflecopter to win a free entry to a race that has not sold out near you!
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**Disclaimer: I was contacted by Spartan Race to do this giveaway.  I was not compensated in any way. 


  1. The Death Race!!! Hahaha. No. I would do the Super Spartan or *possibly* the Beast.

    1. hahah! I would put the "death" in the Death Race! lol! I really would like to try the Super Spartan next year!

  2. For my first Spartan Race, I'd want to do a Sprint. Then work up to the bigger ones!

    1. Sprint would definitely be my first go-to also! Especially since I don't have any experience with obstacle runs yet!

  3. I would do the Sprint first, and work my way "up" to a Death Race!

  4. Signed up for the Nebraska Spartan Sprint this October already. Signed up as soon as registration opened. I....AM....READY!!!

    I am not entering for the fact that I have already paid my entry. I still wanted to put in my 2 cents though! Good luck to those that have entered!

  5. I would do the Midwest Super Spartan because it is the closest to my house.

  6. I am a New England girl, so doing the Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park would be amazing!!! This would be a new challenge, but I am ready!