Monday, May 6, 2013

Flying Pig Weekend- Part 1

I have to say that this weekend was AMAZING! We had such a great time and my husband is already talking about going back again next year. =)

We started our weekend on Friday afternoon. Around 12 the house/dog sitter showed up and we got on the road. Cincinnati is about 2.5 hours away and we wanted to get to the expo while the kids were still fresh and we may be able to look around without them getting crazy. Those of you with preschoolers probably know about how well that worked out for us!

We ended up getting into the expo at around 3. We picked up our race bibs and got the papers filled out to sign the kiddos up for their piglet runs on Saturday. They were so excited about racing. It was pretty cute. After I filled out their paperwork we went to sign the Boston Strong banner. The boys ended up not signing but Curly and I did. She is getting so big.

 After this we walked through the maze they had set up, looked at all the vendors, spoke with team in training, had the KT tape guy retape my foot for me, and tried lots of yummy snacks they were giving away.

These were pretty delicious.  We also tried the Cranberry Apple and Tropical fruit varieties.
The kids were pretty good through the expo minus a few mishaps because they were getting pretty tired.  We ended up finding a handheld bottle for The Husband to carry on his runs and a 13.1 magnet for my car to put on after the race.  I would have to say that we did pretty well on our goal to not go overboard at the expo.

After the expo we headed over to the hotel to check in and figure out what we were going to do for dinner. We were in bed pretty early, maybe around 9:30, since we had to be up at 6:00 to get to the 10k on time on Saturday.

The Toyota 10K:

The Husband was running the 10k Saturday Morning.  It started at 8am and we probably got there around 7am, I think.  We had a fairly close parking spot and hung out at the start with him.  They took off right on time and the kids and I headed down to watch him cross the finish line.  On the way there we had to get some pictures by the river.
if you look REALLY close the bottom right picture shows the runners across the river in Ky.
After this we looped around a block so we could get into a good position to keep an eye out for The Husband.  We got there in time to watch the first person to cross around 33 minutes.  I knew we should be watching for him around the 1:15 mark because that is about what he had been running at home.  Boy, was i wrong! He came in at the 1:07 mark!  He did awesome and is now looking for a new PR!

After we reunited with the Husband we headed over to the Family Fun area where they had some fun stuff set up for the kids and where the Piglet Runs were going to take place. We were there super early so there were no crowds at the beginning.  They had free chair massages, a greyhound adoption place, a play area, free hotdogs, Skyline Chili, and a few games at various other vendors.  We let the kids play for awhile and then, realizing we had a lot of time to kill, we decided to go down by the river for a walk.  The kids loved watching all the boats.

Then, with even MORE time to kill we decided to walk across the bridge but as we were heading that way we got distracted by a park.  It was really pretty and had the perfect thing to occupy my Rex.  A timeline that had descriptions and years of all kinds of prehistoric animals and plants!
Rex reading about an Apatosarus

 By the time we walked the whole timeline and back it was time to head over for their races.  Curly is 3 so she was first out of the kiddos and ran a 25yard race.

Rex is 5 and ran the 50 yard race.

They both had a blast and had huge smiles on their faces after finishing.  They have caught the bug! It was such a fun family day and I can see us going back in the future.  I know they kids are wanting to do more races as well!


  1. Oh gosh the kids look so cute running their races!

    It sounds like a super fun day.

    1. Thanks! They had so much fun and are so proud of their medals!

  2. Aw that is so awesome! Great way to have fun as a family!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

    1. It was fun! I wish that they had done longer races for the kids but it was what it was and they had fun =) I am planning to start taking them on short runs with me soon

  3. Your pictures and family are amazing!