Monday, May 20, 2013

Do you want to be a Kindrunner?

I was given a very exciting opportunity that I want to tell you all about! I have gotten the chance to be an ambassador for  As soon as I heard about it I knew this was something I had to be involved with.

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What is Kindrunner? Kindrunner is going to be launching June 1st and is a groundbreaking idea in terms of online shoe buying.  Have you ever wondered what to do with your old running shoes?  We all know that we risk injury if we push our shoes past the suggested mileage for running but what if you could pass those shoes onto someone who needed them?  That is what is proposing.  A quote from the email from Joe, a founder of, "Your old shoes may not last another long run, but they would go the distance in changing someone else's life for the better!" Isn't that something great to stand behind?

The premise of the site is for you to be able to visit their website, choose a new running shoe, send them your old running shoes in exchange for "Kindness Cash Rewards" toward the purchase of your new running shoes. Something even better? There is free shipping each way! Your new shoes to you and your old shoes to Kindrunner! Your old shoes will be going to charities including Soles for Souls and the More Foundation.

In addition to all of that you are going to have a top of the line running store at your fingertips.  All of the employees of have worked on the showroom floor of running stores so they have expertise in what works for runners.  They are fellow runners, racers and plan to have detailed "expert reviews" and videos of each shoe they are going to offer to help you choose the exact shoe for you. Can't quite choose after watching the video and reading the review? Then you can take advantage of the live chat option or their phone line where an expert will help you with your needs.

Then, to top it all off, they will be using environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials in order to leave a smaller footprint on the environment.  So not only are you keeping your shoes from the landfill where they will take 90-100 years to decompose, but you are also keeping the excess packing materials from the landfill as well.

Want more information about or just want to check it out for yourself?  The links below will lead you to their various social media platforms!  I suggest you go like them and get involved with this amazing movement.

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Oh! As an extra incentive for liking kindrunner on facebook they are giving away shoes for a year to someone (and a friend of their choosing if that friend likes them as well) when they reach 500 likes! So go like them! =)

Happy Running!

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