Monday, May 13, 2013

Asics to Ariats and a WINNER!

This post most likely won't be running related but I have to say that this Mother's Day was an excellent one.  Last year my Mother's day was pretty blah.  It rained hard all day and on top of that, and most significantly, The Husband was leaving for his out of town job.  He had to leave right in the middle of the day so it made it almost impossible for us to relax and enjoy the day.  We were thankful for the work but not so much for him having to essentially move 4 hours away for almost a year.  This year we have him back, though!

My mother's day continued over into today when I traded my Asics for Ariats and my Momma and I loaded up the horses and headed out for a ride.
About ready to go

 MAN have I missed that!  It has been so long since I have been on my horse.  Life gets in the way but thankfully my step-dad loves him and rides him often!

We rode somewhere that I have only ridden maybe twice since I started riding almost 20 years ago so it was nice to be somewhere new.  We also rode a trail Mom hasn't ridden on so we broke out the map so we wouldn't end up out there for hours on end.  We ended up on about a 4 hour ride with lunch and grooming at the camp before and a pre load groom again when we got back. 

  I can't wait to get Curly back on the buddy saddle.  I wanted to take her today but the horses have only been out about 3 times since the weather has broke and they have been re-shod and sometimes it takes them a little while to settle into the sights and sounds of the woods again.  Curly is BEGGING to go on another trail ride so I will definitely make that happen again soon.
There were some really pretty views. (also ignore the giant face. I was trying to get us both!)

This is one of my best Mother's days to date mainly because of my cards.  This is the first year that both kids have been big enough to really know what is going on and they woke me up with a "Happy Mother's Day" and these amazing cards that they signed themselves. Love those guys to the moon and back!

Also the big announcement!! The winner of the ProCompression giveaway is MARY CATHERINE MILLER!! Mary, I emailed you so be sure to check your junk mail. =)


  1. Awww love those cards... so sweet!!! :)

    1. Oh my gosh! I did, too! It was the best!!