Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Roundup

This week wasn't as great as last week.  It wasn't that great at all actually.  I did have some really good runs, though, so that counts right??

Stretch & strengthen

Zumba and HIIT
5 m run

3 m run or cross

5 m run + strength

60 min cross

11 m run

Monday- I went to Zumba and HIIT Fit again.  Zumba last for an hour and this time around they really worked my arms.  I borrowed a pair of the weights and I was definitely feeling it by the end. 

In HIIT we did a deck of cards workout.  I don't know if you watch Biggest Loser or not but Bob did this with his contestants this season when they had to spend all day sitting in the room of sweets and video games.  Each suite had an exercise and you did however many the number of the card was of that exercise.  Here's what the workouts were:
Face Cards: 10 reps of any ab move
Clubs: Pushups
Diamonds: Sit and Stands
Spades: Tricep Dips
Hearts: Prone Jacks
Ace: 10 burpess.

Let me tell you those darn burpess saved themselves.. I think 3 of them were in the last 15 or so cards. That totals 54 reps of each suite and then the 40 burpees and 12 sets of 10 of each of the ab moves chosen.  It was a good workout.

Tuesday: I had a decent run but it was VERY hot and muggy.  I felt like I could barely catch my breath most of the time which was not pleasant at all- but I survived.

Wednesday: It rained all day.  I had every intention of doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred but ended up not doing it.

Thursday: Another 5 mile run with the husband.  The wind and heat stunk but I ran the entire way even though it was at a snail's pace.  But progress is progress!

Friday: Scheduled Rest day and Saturday: Accidental rest day.

Sunday: Today I did an 11 mile run on a bike path I had never been on.  I was happy with myself because I ran the first 8 miles, took a small walk break, and ran the last 3.  It felt good.  I had a pain in the arch area of my left foot the ENTIRE run, though, as well as my left hamstring feeling tight from the beginning.  My left leg was apparently against me today.

On a side note, I run in some really pretty places.  I can't wait to get my Garmin so that my phone isn't strapped to my arm and I can use it for pictures!

All in all, it wasn't bad but the next week needs to be on.  Only 2 weeks until my first half!

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