Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Running Gear

Somehow I have really started to acquire a lot of running gear in such a short time.  So far, I have only bought one thing that I wasn't a fan of and that wasn't technically gear but a fuel I tried during a long run.

Here's my list of loves right now.

1) My Asics Gel Nimbus 14s- I have had some really good luck with these shoes.  I know many people swear by the minimalist shoes, but I tried the Vibram FFs and had some of the worst pain in my foot that I shoved them to the back of my closet.  Right now I don't want to drop the money on something that may cause me a set back so I think I am going to stick with these for now and maybe try something else, possibly minimalist, later on.  I do plan to go to a running store to be fitted before I buy my next pair to be sure nothing else would be better.

2) Under Armour Cold and Heat gear- I have a shirt and pants from the cold gear line that are AMAZING.  I kept so warm on some really cold runs with them and actually wore the shirt to one of my kids soccer games last weekend and I was much more comfortable that the previous week. I have a pair of the compression shorts and a tank from the Heat gear line as well as a pair of capris.  I have worn the shorts and tank each once so far but I was definitely comfortable in them and felt good on the run.  I am in love with my capris.  I wear them quite a bit and I really would like to get another pair soon.

Don't know how those bras got there. They are the ones I ordered from Groupon (below)
3) Nike Sports Bra- I just got this and have worn it twice.  So comfy and supportive!

4) Nathan Sprint Bottle in Berry- Love this little bottle.  I carry it on my 5 mile runs and below.  My license and CCW id fit well in the pouch with a couple Jolly Ranchers and a chapstick.  I get really thirsty when I run so I like having water handy.

5) Camelbak Mule- Ok, so this isn't technically new and it is obviously well used but it has done the trick.  It was issued to The Husband when he was in the Air Force and has been great for my 10 and 11 mile runs so far.  I am almost scared to switch over to my hydration belt.  I am going to give the belt a go on my 12 miler this weekend and see which I want to carry during the half.

Things I have on the way.

1) Marika Tek Keyhole Sports Bras- There was a great groupon and I hope the sizing is correct and I like them. 

2) iFitness Hydration belt

 I got the 6oz add on bottle and a iphone add on as well.  Hoping that I like this as well.  I have ran my last 2 long runs with a camelbak and it is working better than I thought but I don't like having to suck on the straw.  Since I like my Sprint Bottle I think I will like being able to get a little shot of water when I need it.

3) Pro Tec IT band compression wrap- I believe I am having some IT band issues.  I am also thinking of ordering some KT tape.

4) Garmin Forerunner 110-

 in my Amazon cart right now. I have weighed my options among all of the Forerunners and I think this is my best bet right now.  I haven't decided if I am going to aim for this on Mother's day or stick with my phone for now and wait it out until my Birthday in September.

Any gear that you swear by for pleasure running or racing?

Anyone have a Garmin? Which one? Why did you choose it?


  1. Nice post. I am about to get the Asics next month.

    1. Thanks! I really like them. I got them on a recommendation from a friend of my husband's and I am glad I got them.

  2. I love my Garmin FR10, but it doesn't have a heart rate monitor. But I like that it's easy to use, the size doesn't make me feel like I have a computer on my wrist and it's not horribly expensive.

    Oh and the fact that it's pink helped too!