Monday, June 3, 2013

Time to check out! No, really, go now!

...Well, read this first, then go!
(If you missed my first post about Kindrunner you can see it HERE) goes live TODAY, 6/3, and I am super excited to check out all the great things going on!

I got an email this week that profiled more of the great aspects of this new business.  This is truly a revolutionary experience that I just know you are going to want to be involved in. I know I am proud to be an ambassador!

Some of the amazing things Kindrunner is incorporating into this experience:

  • First and foremost, you get to trade in those old running shoes that are clogging up your closet space. Those shoes, instead of ending up in a landfill or the back of the closet under a pile of bags/purses (if it's my house), will be going to a charity such as Soles 4 Souls and the More Foundation to provide shoes to someone in need of them.  
  • In exchange for trading in your old shoes you will get Kindness Cash Rewards. What that means is that once you receive your new shoes and use the provided mailing label to send your old shoes in you will get a credit on your account for $10 to use in the future.  So, since each label is worth $10, if you buy 3 new pairs of shoes and ship 3 old pairs back to them you will have a $30 credit on your account in the near future.  Great right?! Oh! Also, they never expire and you can use them on anything Kindrunner will be selling (they will have much more than shoes!)
  • Free shipping all 3 ways.  Your new shoes to you, your old shoes to Kindrunner, and your shoes back to Kindrunner if there is a problem.
  • You are getting the perks of a running store at your fingertips.  There will be  expert product review videos on the listing for each item which is handy! I know the first thing I do before I buy something is look for a review from someone who knows what they are talking about!
  • They are also introducing Confident Runner Pricing which means they will reward you for knowing what you want.  Say you have run in the same shoes for years, know that you love them, and there is no way you will need to send them back or perhaps you just know this is the shoe for you?  They have an extra reward for you.  At checkout you will be able choose this option.  Though it will waive the return shipping if there is an issue you will still get free shipping to you and of your old shoes back to Kindrunner. The perk? You get the shoe below retail price for this option!
  • You have 365 days to return the shoes as long as they are in the original condition and original packaging.  So if you ordered them and got injured? No problem.  You can ship them back with no questions asked.
  • And finally, there is an awesome program going on for their first 500 customers. "Free Socks for Life."  Every time one of these first 500 customers returns and buys a new pair of shoes they will get to choose a pair of socks from the inventory to ship with their new shoes.. for FREE!
All of this sounds amazing, right? I can't wait to start shopping for new shoes!  You really need to go check them out and have them on your radar for your next shoe (and other running related) purchase!

Happy Running (and shopping!)

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  1. I am really impressed with this company too! Great review!