Monday, June 24, 2013

Making My List..

Before I get into the true topic of this post I am soooo excited to announce that I am a new Sweat Pink Ambassador as well as a new Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! Both emails came on the same day! How cool is that?! I am already loving being a part of this group of amazing, inspiring, and strong ladies!

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge

So, on to what I have been meaning to post about for a couple days.  I mentioned awhile back (way back here) about my thought of a goal to run a half marathon in each of the 50 states but never really followed up on if The Husband thought I was nuts or not.  Well, turns out he didn't, and he is actually liking the idea of checking out all the states.  Also, although he said he would never run a half, I actually have talked him into running some with me! Exciting!  So, I have begun making my list for all the half marathons I want to run in each state.  I have a semi-finished list at this point but soon I will put a tab at the top so I can add to it.

After thinking about this goal, and how long it could take, and the fact that I could keel over one day and never finish (kidding), I decided that I wanted another goal that would happen sooner!  Enter 35 before 35! I really wanted to do 30 before 30 but we are just transitioning to being a single income family so that I can homeschool the kids. Considering that I will be 30 in 2 years and around 2 months, there aren't all that many half marathons within driving distance so travel/hotels would be included a lot, we decided that 35 before 35 would be more manageable.  It averages out to around 4 a year so the plan is to do 2 out of state toward my 50 state goal and 2 that are local.

Another exciting thing is that this allows us to re-do any race we really like and try other races in Ohio without me stressing that we should be doing a race out of state to put it toward my 50 state goal.

Here's the list for this coming year, I believe:

November 2013:   Marshall Half Marathon                                        Huntington, WV
March 2014:         Just a Short Run Half Marathon                            Allison Park, PA
May 2014:            The Flying Pig 3-way (5k,10k,Half)                     Cincinnati, OH
                             The Indy Mini Marathon                                       Indianapolis, IN
September 2014:   Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon                         Las Vegas, NV
October 2014:       Nationwide Children's Hospital Half Marathon      Columbus, OH

I am excited to start doing all of these races! Luckily 2 of those are within driving distance and one is being incorporated into our vacation.  I am also excited to say that The Husband has some running friends in Vegas who we think will run the Vegas run with us.  It has a 1000ft elevation gain in the 1st 5 miles, though, so that should be fun. Orrr something like that!

This weekend, The Husband and I are running the Biggest Loser 10k in Charleston, Wv.  I am pretty excited to run my first race with him and to do another race.  I was having withdraws =).

Anybody have a half marathon they want to recommend for me to add to my list?
Has anyone run any of the Biggest Loser races? 
Happy Running!


  1. The Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon will be in San Antonio TX in November 2013; the Houston Half Marathon is in October 2013; is that too soon? Holla at me if you come to Texas!

    1. Oh thanks! I looove San Antonio! We probably won't make it to Texas for a couple years but I will definitely put those on my list as possibles!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic challenge and what a cool way to vacation/see different states! I cannot wait to hear about it.

  3. Congratulations and what an amazing goal!! Welcome to the SPA fam! I was also just accepted to be a GSSA - woohoo!

    1. Woohoo! Such great groups to be a member of!

  4. The Knoxville half marathon in Knoxville, TN is in early April. That was my first one! In 2014 it's the 10th year for it

  5. Congrats on your ambassadorships! I love the 35 by 35 idea, that's a good one. I also have a Rock-N-Roll Half in my sites in October in STL (Missouri) which is probably drivable from Ohio if you wanted to do that.

    1. Thanks!! I figured by 35 was more manageable as much as I would love to cram them all in by 30! I have driven to near STL before and it wasn't a bad drive!

  6. Hey Congratulations on being an ambassador! I became a GGS ambassador too! :)
    I'll be doing the 3-way at the Flying pig next year too! :)

    Goodluck to us!

    1. Really?? Exciting! If we don't do the Indy mini I will definitely be doing the 3 way. We had a lot of fun at the flying pig this past year. I will also be doing the 26th mile race with my kiddos. Their kids dashes weren't quite long enough for them :-)