Friday, January 3, 2014

Y RUN? 5k Race Recap

I didn't get to run as many races over the summer as I have liked so from June and the Biggest Loser race it was Labor Day (sept 2) before I ran my next race.  I actually hosted one in August, but that is another story for another post!  It's been so long since this race occured, so hopefully I can remember all the details! Here we go...

So, Sept 2, the local YMCA held their second annual Y run? Y not? 5k race.  It goes through town and runs some of the brick roads we have in town.  Kind of cool but also strange running because the roads are OLD brick and have some gaps and tilts.  I was really excited to run this race because my birthday is September 4th and my mom had come down Sept 1 and brought me a new Garmin for my present.  I was anxious to try it out.  The race started around 9:10, so 10 minutes past start time but I think they were having an issue with people being at intersections when they were supposed to.  Finally, we were off!

The Husband was also running this race with me and we took off together.  We ended up not running together but I love knowing he is out on the course with me.  One thing that I wasn't a huge fan of was that it was not a closed course.  We were literally running up the main drag in town and there were cars in front of, and behind, the crowd of runners.  Then on some side streets cars actually jumped into the opposing lane to go around us.  I felt like I was constantly watching my back so I wasn't all that relaxed during this race.

During the race, I saw a few people who had run my race a couple days prior so it was nice to see people and chat to take my mind off stuff. There was one girl I juggled back and forth with the entire run who had been at my race.  After the race, we chatted while waiting on results and have actually met up to run together since!

I was very run down this entire race and felt like poo but I ended up with a PR out of it.
 28:42 and placed 2nd in my age group.

My splits:

Mile 1: 8:55
Mile 2: 9:46
Mile 3: 9:41
.2: 0:19

All in all, it was a decent race.  I really disliked the fact that it was not a closed course but I guess it is really difficult to get that town's mayor to close down the streets.

I am in the middle behind the kiddo in the yellow shirt.  The husband is to the right behind the lady with the stroller

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