Monday, July 8, 2013

Lock Laces Winners and an Announcement

Hey, all! I am really stinking at this blogging thing since summer has kicked into gear! The kiddos and I have passes to our local waterpark and have spent some time there as well as family get-togethers and I have had my nose stuck in a book some, too. =)

I drew the winners for the Lock Laces giveaway yesterday and want to say a big congratulations to Alicia Orozco and Carrie Hughes! Both winners have been contacted and responded! You ladies will be in #winnevertie spirit very soon! I will get them in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday!

Another announcement I have is that I am doing a Virtual Race Series to benefit the Laced Up Foundation which is a new foundation The Husband and I have started.  Laced Up will be providing new shoes to children in need in our local area and we are organizing many events to raise money.  We are doing a local 5k Labor day weekend in our town and I have organized this virtual race series.  

The series is a "Wizard" themed race and the first in the series, the Scarlett & Gold, is open to sign ups and is set to be run from September 1-30.  If you have not heard of a virtual race, it is where you choose your place and time and run (or walk, or get the point =) ) for a really awesome medal which will be mailed in the month of September.  The reason I chose this theme is #1 my supreme geekhood and #2 since this is a children's race it is a theme that many children can get behind!  It is a great intro to running for kids and is set as a 5k/10k/or Half Marathon- runner's choice! This is the first race in the challenge with 3 other houses following.  There is a final "House Cup"medal for those who complete all 4 races in the series.
First Medal in the series

 I am hoping that this race has a great turnout and we can buy lots and lots of shoes for local kids!  I chose September for this race so we can get the first shoes to children by the time it starts to get cold this winter.  If any of you would be interested in signing up for one or all of the races follow this link: 

Happy Running!


  1. Based on how I am feeling with my pregnant belly in September, I'd love to join you! Virtual races are so much fun!

    1. That would be great, Meghan! I bet baby would love an awesome medal ;)